Industries Served

Restaurant & Hospitality

Owners and managers are always busy trying to provide the best product and service. By partnering with us we can provide the management reports you need to better focus on the front of the house. We can assist with time labor management; minimum wage and tip requirements; prepare your payroll and withholding tax liabilities, keeping you focused on what matters – your restaurant and your guests.

Trucking & Transportation

We work with organizations from large full service freight shipping operations to single owner operators, and everyone in between. We specialize in set-up and planning to ensure timely tax reports are filed no matter where you are in the country. We accomplish this through a variety of communication platforms – all with being compliant in mind. Allowing you to get out on the open roads and continue your operation without interruption.

Medical & Healthcare

Physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals seek our services so they can focus on providing the quality care for their patients. Our dedicated team members are here to ensure that all of your resources are directed towards your patient care.


Our farm return specialists have unique knowledge of the industry. Their knowledge comes from being current proud farmers themselves, or at one time. They stay current to all updates that affect the industry not only to provide our farmers the greatest savings but to plan for their own family operations.

  • Our farm experts have worked on specialized farm return options such as:
  • Income averaging
  • Self-employment tax on farm rental income
  • PA 116